COVID-19 special

LU-VE Group quickly activated all checking and protection actions against the “COVID-19” pandemic from the very first moments of its outbreak.

At the Uboldo headquarters in Italy, a specialized team was created for the rapid implementation of all government regulations and for the preparation of any precautionary measures for employees inside and outside the production and commercial structures, and for their families.

This “Coronavirus Protection” team is constantly at work and in close contact with all the Group’s operating offices, where local liaison managers have been appointed.

The commitment of LU-VE Group, which has always been aware of its role in society, is also directed outside the company, and in particular towards all the local organizations and institutions in the local areas where the company is present. It was noted at the Board of Directors’ meeting of March 18 that LU-VE has allocated € 300,000 to support those infrastructures dedicated to combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

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