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For this project, which is headed by the international giant Maersk, the Italian multinational headquartered in the Province of Varese has supplied the CO2 cooling system which uses green technologies with limited environmental impact Uboldo, 4 August 2020 – LU-VE Group has supplied the machines for the refrigeration of the biggest food storage warehouse in […]


Uboldo, 16 July 2020 – LU-VE issues figures for the first half-year of 2020: invoiced products at 30 June 2020 increase to €190.9 million (+3.8% compared to 30 June 2019); order book at 30 June 2020 increases to €82.0 million (+9.0% compared to 30 June 2019). On a like-for-like basis1 invoiced products at 30 June […]


The EU-funded project within the Horizon 2020 programme will enable the multinational based in Varese to deepen its knowledge of new geothermal technologies, the use of which reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the generation of electricity. Uboldo, 13 July 2020 – LU-VE Group, the Italian multinational listed on the MTA and the world’s third-largest operator […]


The future will flourish through our children and their education Precisely for this reason, LU-VE Group last May announced the selection process for the “Chiara and Ermanno Liberali” Scholarship for the assignment of 100 tablets, intended for the children of the Group’s employees who, due to Covid-19, found themselves forced to take school lessons from […]


Uboldo (VA) – 23 June 2020: LU-VE Group reports that the production activities of its plants have returned almost entirely to their normal levels. In all company facilities, the measures envisaged to guarantee the safety and health of workers and operators are active (sanitization, controlled maintenance of safety distances, disinfectants, masks and protective gloves, temperature control […]


Rome, 15 June 2020. BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas has set up a “positive loan” of 40 million euros for LU-VE Group, one of the main European producers of static and ventilated heat exchangers for the refrigeration, air conditioning and industrial process cooling markets. LU-VE Group, which has 3,200 qualified employees, has 16 production facilities in […]


The project, which receives an EU financial contribution, addresses the training of employees in Heat Transfer Systems s.r.o , focusing on their professional development of the key competencies they need to perform their work. The project includes courses in the following activities: General IT Soft and managerial skills Language courses Technical and other special courses […]

Of the 350 “most digital” companies measured via the social listening index, LU-VE was in the top 17 in the “Mechanical Industry” sector. ITQF, the German Institute of Quality and Finance, and its media partner La Repubblica Affari & Finanza presented the second edition of its study on digital excellence in Italy – based on […]


The “Chiara and Ermanno Liberali” Scholarship awards 100 tablets to employees’ children, in support of online teaching. Uboldo, 27 May 2020 – Looking once more to the future and to young people going through school. This is the starting point for the new project in support of student education launched by LU-VE Group, a company listed on the […]


Uboldo (VA) – 23 April 2020. LU-VE Group announces that the production activities of the Italian plants are progressively intensifying. The Group has sent to the relevant local Territorial Government Offices official communication of the restart of its production activities, based on that permitted under current legislation. Production at the plants of LU-VE Exchangers and […]


Fully operational plants in Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden, USA and China Strong liquidity position Q1 additional information will be released in advance   Uboldo (VA), 6 April 2020 – The Board of Directors of LU-VE S.p.A. (“LU-VE”) meeting today reviewed the management impacts stemming from the health emergency caused by Covid-19,  accordingly to the […]

Uboldo, 9 APRIL 2020 – LU-VE communicates the “additional periodic information” in March 2020: –     invoiced products at 31 March 2020 increase to €100.35 million (+23.7% compared to 31 March 2019). –     order book at 31 March 2020 increases to €88.607 million (+96.4%% compared to 31 March 2019). On a like-for-like basis1 invoiced products at […]


Dear Colleagues, as was unfortunately foreseeable, the emergency linked to the notorious COVID 19 has progressively spread across the world, leading to the adoption of increasingly drastic measures in different countries. It is sad to note that once again what I had hoped for was missing; coordination at least at the European Union level in […]


Uboldo (VA) – 3 April 2020. LU-VE Group announces that from Monday 6 April, production will partially restart in the Italian factories for products relating to the hospital, health, food supply and other segments of primary importance. LU-VE Group has sent to the relevant local Territorial Government Offices official communication of the restart of its […]


From the multinational based in Uboldo, help on four fronts: for the Varese hospitals, the Policlinico San Matteo of Pavia, the Local Health Authority of the Province of Belluno and the San Bortolo Foundation of Vicenza Uboldo, 31 March 2020 – Concrete help to support health workers engaged in the fight against Covid-19. LU-VE, from […]


Uboldo (Va) –  March 25, 2020. LU-VE Group announces that following the issuing of the  Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 22 March 2020, due to force majeure, starting from midnight of March 25 until April 3, production will stop at the plants of LU-VE Exchangers and MANIFOLD (Uboldo, Varese), TGD […]


Uboldo (VA) – March 23, 2020. We want to thank you for the consideration and commitment you have shown to LU-VE Group, in this particularly difficult period. We have managed to resist also thanks to your collaboration, for which we are very grateful. Faced with an event that is unpredictable and indeed unprecedented in the […]


Uboldo (Va) 18.3.20 – The Board of Directors of LU-VE S.p.A. examined and approved the draft financial statements and consolidated financial statements as at 31 December 2019: 2019 consolidated turnover: € 391.6 million (+ 27.6% compared to 31.12.18); Adjusted net profit: € 22.8 million (+ 38.2%); Record cash flow generation: € 37.9 million; Adjusted EBITDA: […]


15 March 2020 Dear colleagues, I thought I would write to you all now in these difficult and chaotic times to keep you informed and to let you know how I see things. Faced with such an unpredictable event, unprecedented in modern times, we are doing everything possible to protect the health and safety of […]


Uboldo, 12 March 2020 – LU-VE Group announces that it has received authorization from the Chinese authorities to reopen its production facility in Tianmen in the Province of Hubei. The Group, with its headquarters in the Province of Varese in Italy, is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and is the third largest producer in the […]


Uboldo (VA) – 9 March 2020. LU-VE Group states that all activities in Italy proceed at normal pace: • production and delivery of orders continue to follow the normal timeframe; • all factories of the Group can be reached, all roads are open and can be used by trucks; • carriers can load and unload […]


LU-VE Group has decided to cancel its stand at Data Centre World, London 2020. We will not be attending this year, as part of our company policy to restrict business travel due to the coronavirus outbreak throughout the world. On the bright side, we have already booked our place at DCW 2021 and we look […]


LU-VE Group communicates that its activities in Italy continue at regular full pace, without any effect on production and order delivery. Public authorities are constantly monitoring the situation. In the latest period the number of infected persons on a daily basis has decreased, and the number of patients who have recovered has increased. LU-VE Group […]


Uboldo, 16 January 2020 – LU-VE confirms the positive trend and issues preliminary data at 31 December 2019: –     products invoiced at 31 December 2019 grows to € 389.245 million (+29.0% compared to 31 December 2018); –     order book at 31 December 2019 grows to € 72.553 million (+78.2% compared to 31 December 2018). On […]

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