LU-VE ACADEMY 2023 – It’s the grey matter that matters most

LU-VE Group is a synthesis of experience, tradition, forward thinking and innovation. In particular, Research and Innovation are distinctive elements of LU-VE Group’s corporate philosophy.

It is the application of the principle that companies are, above all, women, men and ideas.

To renew and give further strength to this tradition, we want the growth of our employees to continue, which is why LU-VE Academy was created.

LU-VE Academy 2023 will be the protagonist of numerous group training initiatives and, to offer high-level training proposals, collaboration has been launched with POLIMI Graduate School of Management and other prestigious universities and training centers.

For this year, training programs have already been planned for all employees or for specific areas:

  • CYBERSECURITY for all Group collaborators, in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic. For the first time, a course is offered that involves employees in all countries simultaneously
  • ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) for executives and members of the Board of Directors, in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano
  • SALES EXECUTIVE PROGRAM for the sales force, in collaboration with CUOA Business School
  • TECH EDUCATION for technical and commercial personnel, by Stefano Filippini (LU-VE Technical Director) and in collaboration with academics and experts in the HVACR sector. Training proposal aimed at young people, in an international context that sees the participation and collaboration of important customers on technical issues where LU-VE Group is recognized as a world leader.

These are just examples, because many other initiatives are being planned: transversal training for the whole Group and specific pathways for special talents and managers.

We have always placed the work of the people who have made the history of LU-VE Group at the center of our growth.

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